March 2009

Ten security related feeds you should be subscribed to

If you’re not already subscribed to security related sites, here are the security related sites I am subscribed too that cover everything from botnets, phishing, vulnerability alerts, psychological security (social engineering) and video feeds like Hak5. (If you don’t have an RSS reader, then use google reader!) — Bruce Schneier’s blog on security. If you don’t know who bruce is, check out the book he wrote called Secrets […]

man rsync

Bypassing web filters and restrictions

Don’t you just hate it when an over zealous web filter blocks you from almost everything useful on the web? Today I’m writing about methods of circumventing systems such as Websense or other web filtering software. Websense is rather strict and is covered below. Other blocks may be possible to bypass using either web proxies or socks proxies. Web Proxies Web proxies can be useful for a basic fix to […]