May 2009

Using tor+privoxy in BackTrack 4

By default BackTrack does not seem to come with tor or privoxy. These tools are very useful in providing anonymity. You can read about the tor project at wikipedia. 1. Install tor and privoxy apt-get install tor privoxy 2. Modify privoxy configuration nano /etc/privoxy/config Add the line: forward-socks4a / localhost:9050 . Save the file (ctrl+o). 3. Restart privoxy /etc/init.d/privoxy restart 4. Restart tor /etc/init.d/tor restart You should now have tor […]

Belkin F5D7051 USB WiFi and Linux

These methods have been tested under Fedora, Ubuntu and BackTrack 4. All of the following should work in almost any linux distribution to get a Belkin F5D7051 (or possibly similar device) working in Linux for WiFi access. By default the F5D7051 conflicts with 3 drivers (the rt* set of drivers). These drivers must be disabled, rndis_wlan must be loaded and then hopefully the strange problems will go away. 1. Remove […]