Blog back up (again!)

My site/blog has been down in recent months as my old domain ( expired. I have now moved the blog over to this new domain ( I have also opted to use WordPress as the main platform for my site form now on, dropping my custom scripting and CodeIgniter. I haven’t really had a chance to update much of the blog, so some of the stuff will be broken, and […]

My first Windows 7 gadget

I have just finished developing my first Windows 7 gadget — Windows 7 Satellite Imagery gadget. It is a gadget that is capable of displaying the latest satellite images from all continents. You can download it from: (Windows Live Gallery — primary site) If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me either by commenting on this post, sending me a message on twitter, or checking out the […]

10 Very useful web design and web programming tools

Web development today Web development today isn’t just HTML editing or basic php scripts. Web development and programming today is usually achieved with a wide set of tools — any popular website around today uses a wide set of tools. For example, — reddit uses Python and PostgreSQL, which spit out html (of xhtml syntax), javascript and CSS. — uses Perl and MySQL, sitting on top of […]

Why it is important to specify a character encoding

Many website designers design really scrappy websites that do not follow standards at all. I myself tend to write all my XHTML to be XHTML1.1 compliant. As a reader of this blog, I will assume you also attempt to follow standards. Usually I implement everything to pass xhtml transitional validation. One thing I usually ignore however, is the character encoding. Put simply, character encoding allows a browser to display and […]

Your entire life.

The image you see below is earth. Hundreds of millions of miles away. This is your home and it will most likely be the place you live the rest of your life and eventually die. A Tiny, tiny dot in something unimaginably vast. The extract below is from Carl Sagan. A rather famous astronomer that really puts this image into perspective. “Look again at that dot. That’s here. That’s […]

Using tor+privoxy in BackTrack 4

By default BackTrack does not seem to come with tor or privoxy. These tools are very useful in providing anonymity. You can read about the tor project at wikipedia. 1. Install tor and privoxy apt-get install tor privoxy 2. Modify privoxy configuration nano /etc/privoxy/config Add the line: forward-socks4a / localhost:9050 . Save the file (ctrl+o). 3. Restart privoxy /etc/init.d/privoxy restart 4. Restart tor /etc/init.d/tor restart You should now have tor […]

Belkin F5D7051 USB WiFi and Linux

These methods have been tested under Fedora, Ubuntu and BackTrack 4. All of the following should work in almost any linux distribution to get a Belkin F5D7051 (or possibly similar device) working in Linux for WiFi access. By default the F5D7051 conflicts with 3 drivers (the rt* set of drivers). These drivers must be disabled, rndis_wlan must be loaded and then hopefully the strange problems will go away. 1. Remove […]

Ten security related feeds you should be subscribed to

If you’re not already subscribed to security related sites, here are the security related sites I am subscribed too that cover everything from botnets, phishing, vulnerability alerts, psychological security (social engineering) and video feeds like Hak5. (If you don’t have an RSS reader, then use google reader!) — Bruce Schneier’s blog on security. If you don’t know who bruce is, check out the book he wrote called Secrets […]

man rsync

Bypassing web filters and restrictions

Don’t you just hate it when an over zealous web filter blocks you from almost everything useful on the web? Today I’m writing about methods of circumventing systems such as Websense or other web filtering software. Websense is rather strict and is covered below. Other blocks may be possible to bypass using either web proxies or socks proxies. Web Proxies Web proxies can be useful for a basic fix to […]

Managing projects locally using VisualSVN and TortoiseSVN

I recently spoke with an old friend about managing projects. I had a little experience using svn (once compiled Miranda IM from svn) and have used git for checking out stuff from the wine project, but had never really considered using it myself as my host does not offer such a service. He put forward the idea of using it locally to just manage stuff on the local machine or […]