October 2007

Simple tips for making Windows XP secure

These are a few simple ways of keeping Windows XP in particular secure. Some of it also applies to other operating systems. These tend to be the guidelines that I use and are great for a desktop/home system. If you’re running a server or making systems secure for a network in a company then you should probably be a bit more strict. Viral Scanning My personal view on virii (and […]

New xfce4-appentry-optimize release, and more..

xfce4-appentry-optimize release I have just released a new version xfce4-appentry-optimize, which is an application which can optimize the application menu in xfce and gnome to use less filespace (and in some situations, to improve load). It works by removing all the unused locales. The new version (0.2.2) fixes a bug in which a failure message is given, when in fact everything is actually working fine. It also adds official support […]