Originally acquired and then later redeveloped.

Integrates with AliExpress for dropshipping

Web conferencing solution

Provided consultancy, development and hosting -- along with integrating Moodle with the BigBlueButton web conferencing solution.

Web scraper & API
Developed a custom selenium/firefox based web scraper & API

Redevelopment & Consultancy

Redevelopment, consultancy, bug fixes and significant (4-6x!) performance increases, along with support for credit/debit cards/e-commerce and HTTPS.

Web Scraping

Built custom web scraper, imported over 80,000 items.

Migration, consultancy, custom development, hosting

Migrated large/popular website from to self-hosted solution.

Provided custom development, along with caching, optimization, consultancy and hosting.

Wordpress site

Custom development, maintenence and consultancy.

Hosted on nginx+php-fpm along with caching for optimal load speeds.

HTML to Wordpress Theme

Wordpress theme was created from existing HTML files.

Job was accepted, and completed, all within 48 hours.