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Blog back up (again!)

My site/blog has been down in recent months as my old domain ( expired. I have now moved the blog over to this new domain (

I have also opted to use WordPress as the main platform for my site form now on, dropping my custom scripting and CodeIgniter.

I haven’t really had a chance to update much of the blog, so some of the stuff will be broken, and I have also lost a few posts which were made last year. Hopefully I will have some time to update some of the old content, and also add some of the new content of which I have planned.

Take note that some of the content/scripts/applications/etc on this site are very old, and will likely be broken until I take a look. I will also be using the default WordPress theme until I have the time to develop my own.

Until then, if you have an iPad, go download some free iPad Wallpapers from!


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