Ricky Hewitt


Applications & Scripts

ioratio (2020)

A linux utility for displaying device IO & read % / write % ratio.

The tool is kept intentionally simple. It can be combined with commands like watch in order to view the live data of device IO, allowing you to monitor for read/write heavy application use.


docker-backup-scripts-simple (2020)

Backup of all your running docker containers dynamically.

A simplified fork of /piscue/docker-backup-scripts, with the following changes:

  • Unified into a single bash script
  • Tidier output
  • Removal of dropbox (local storage only)
  • Removed CoreOS support

atop2 (2016)

atop2 is an apache monitoring tool that I forked from the original atop to add additional features.

These included:

  • Adding support for command line arguments
  • Adding support for custom apache server-status URLs
  • Other minor improvements/fixes

Websites & Services

MealChk (2023)

MealChk is a web app I developed for detecting potential artificial or processed ingredients, and can be used to help aid following a paleo, whole30, or clean-eating lifestyle.


nyano (2021)

nyano.org, the meme-based digital currency with no transaction fees.


iPadWalls (2009-2010)

A website built in WordPress that listed free iPad wallpapers. Site was later sold to an investor.

Hexalist (2009)

I developed my own service to list publicly available proxies, using only HTML, CSS, JavaScript & PHP (no frameworks or external dependencies).

Along with the frontend I developed a backend that allowed for the management of proxies, RSS feeds, and updated the mailing list.

The site was monetized by allowing proxy owners to submit their proxies with different levels of promotion, along with advertising from Google Adsense.

The service was later sold to an investor.