A real alternative to uTorrent — Halite

If you were an avid uTorrent user you probably know about the worry that is going around because of uTorrent being sold off to Bittorrent Inc. It might appear as if uTorrent was the ultimate lightweight client – but there are viable alternatives. If you’re like me you know that Bittornado is bland, Azuerus is bloated and BitComet is inherently leaky. The only clients that come close to stealing uTorrent are Deluge, Transmission and perhaps KTorrent. Until now.

Enter Halite. Halite is a lightweight client for windows just like uTorrent was and I’m loving it so far.


4 Replies to “A real alternative to uTorrent — Halite”

  1. TigerHawk says:

    True. Halite is practically with utorrent now though i think its a little bit bigger like by 2mb when downloaded and right now it lacks kick ban on users downloading/uploading but thats usually unimportant. I trust it more than utorrent thats for sure.

  2. Chay says:

    it needs to do xml/rss reads before i’ll even consider using it…

  3. Paul says:

    Sweet dude, it’s EXACTLY what i’ve been looking for… especially since it has that udp functionality so it doesn’t kill your internet connection. Even when going at full speed, all sites still load normally and it might just be me, but i think it’s a bit faster than utorrent.

    Also trust it more than utorrent hands down

  4. Bulã says:

    Three good alternatives:


    Both work fine.

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